Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Interesting Indeed.

We had a great, but interesting weekend. Friday was a trek to the inlaws so my hubby could go hunting with his dad. Saturday Dalton, my mother-in-law and myself took a trip to the mall to get in the holiday spirit! There were more people than the Macy's Day parade trying to make their way into the already packed stores! I did manage to finish purchasing my holiday gifts, but my poor mother-in-law will be braving it again.
The crop over at Memories From The Attic was a success! Lots of mojo flying through the air! Thanks to everyone that participated. The wonderful sketches that Lucy Chesna created are still up for you to print out and enjoy throughout the year. Oh! I didn't forget...........the winner of the RAK for checking out the new site is..........drum roll please.............Scrapworthy! (pat)
Thanks for playing! I'll get a little something special out to you this week!


Lucy Chesna said...

its was awesome chica and congrats Pat on your RAK

Pat said...

Hey! Just stopped by to say hi, and what a great surprise! Thanks!