Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lookin' for something i'm afraid to find..............

Ok, so it's no secret that my job is super stressful (for more reasons than one, use your own thoughts and run with them) i have been scouring the help wanted ads. so far nothing has "jumped" out at me. But then i think about it.......i mean REALLY think about it..... and it scares the crap out of me to have to start over with a new company!! i complain about things or people related to my job on a weekly basis, (co-workers do too, but mostly they have just been quitting, thus leaving the rest of us alone in our misery) but at the same time it is security. know what i mean?? ok, rant over.

on a good note, i have been playing with some new scrappy goodness and thought i would share. can you resist adhesive fabric and cute little glittery wings??

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rollercoaster Month..........

Where is the exit?? I'm ready to get down.
It's been a super busy month around here as usual. We finished the Department of Mental Health Audit with flying colors! So glad that is behind me. School is in full swing.......and Dalton actually has a teacher that he is enjoying.

Jacob celebrated his 3rd birthday with Spongebob Squarepants Cake and yelled HOLY CRAP!! when he saw a particularly large package come in the door.

We got to take a camping trip for Labor Day with some friends that my hubby works with. It was super nice to get away and just be! The river was moving at a pretty good pace and made our float enjoyable........thanks to the couple (i am protecting identities LOL) that came down the river mostly sideways and made a few wrong turns onto the bank for the entertainment! I only laugh with you! not at you.

Tyler cut his first tooth and is drooling extra hard on the second one. (He looks like his auntie does when a new line of Basic Grey or Hambly come out.) I will be buying us matching bibs for Christmas.

So much fun Stuff happening at this month. Come over and check everything out! Tons of challenges to get your mojo flowing and yummy new products in store to work with. We have also started a Queen of The Month to feature one member and get to know them better. I am HAPPY to say that Granny Pat_TCakes is this months queen!! Congratulations granny!!
I know i have been a bad blogger............i promise to try harder. Maybe if i write it in my little black book i wil remember to update! So until next time friends and neighbors............