Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Excuses!

Ok, so i've been a bad blogger. Sorry. I have no excuse other than i have been bloggin' lazy.

Lot's of stuff going on as usual. If you frequent the scrappy boards with me, you know we have had a plethura of ice and generally yucky weather the past week. We have not quite finished the clean up process, and are now bracing ourselves for another round to begin on Thursday. It was not a total loss, however. I did get to snap some beautiful pictures!

Before the nasty weather hit we partied! My baby boy........ahem, Pre-Teen, turned 11! Hubby took him and a friend to play paintball after school on the Friday before his birthday. On Saturday we celebrated with family and friends in Dukes of Hazzard Fashion! Hubby snapped off a pic of me and my sis........it's nice to be in front of the camera ocassionally, instead of behind it! Although it would have been nicer had we not been surrounded by food. I guess i'll take what i can get. LOL

My mom is turning the big 50 on Friday the 22nd. We have some fun activities planned for her. Some she knows about, and some she doesn't. She does know that we are going to dinner on Friday night (if the weather holds).........but i don't want to say too much else. I fear if i do, i will incriminate myself. Don't worry though, i'll post pictures later!

So until next time.........if i wait to long to blog again.......somebody yell at me!