Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let's Take a Walk..............

over to From Your Heart To Your Hand! Because this layout was the Gallery Pick of the Day yesterday!!
I had so much fun creating this layout with the Kit i received in a Swap at from Rachel!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Do you Smell Burning Paper???

Because my mojo has kicked into high gear after the scrap kit i received in the mail today from the swap at CMK!

I finished 2 layouts and a card today..........and i tell you i am going to use up every last scrap i have! The card turned out a little on the artsy funky side, but I Like it!

You Be The Judge:

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dinner at the Improv????

Ok, so last night we (meaning the whole family herd) took my momma to dinner to celebrate her birthday. Casual dining in a step up from a mom and pop's restaurant.

So right off the bat, the greeter boy (who looks to be around 16) is annoyed that there are eight of us and we need a high chair. I mean come on........there might be hot girls to be seated!

The table he sits us at has 5 chairs...............we ask if we can push another table and chairs up to it and he looks like we have just asked him to land the Apollo 13 space shuttle.

So we move the table and he assigns us a waiter........(who the entire time is giggling). He takes our drink order as the kids are coloring their menus........Jacob (my two year old nephew) asks what the eggs in the nest on his menu are, and i tell him to color them green and then he will have green eggs and ham.

We get our drinks......and everyone finally decides what they are going to eat. Just as the waiter walks up to ask what we would son shoots my husband in the eye with his straw wrapper, and Jacob says very seriously and professional like, "Me will have Green Eggs and Ham!"

It was very eventful and funfilled night had by all! LOL
Momma said she had a really good time!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Blues...........

Another weekend has come and gone.........But where DID it go??? It was a relaxing weekend at home. Watched a movie (Broken Bridges w/ Toby Keith....if you get a chance it's a good movie), spent some quality time with hubby and dalton, and i got three cards and two layouts done! Woohooo!
Now the work week begins again and i am not prepared! LOL

Oh, did i mention that i fell down on friday?? Oh yeah, big patch of ice......stepped out of the car and WHAM!! Most of the trauma was to my left knee and of course my ego when my hair wrapped around my head and then i plunged my chin into the ice knocking my glasses sideways.....all while my patient watched from the safety of her front porch!
I do not recommend trying to make ice angels.........they are not nearly as fun as the snow ones are!
Anywho! All is well! I saw the doc, nothing broken. Just bruised and a very pretty purple! my favorite color!
Hope everyone has a good week!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I've Been TAgged...................

Ok, so Jennifer over at CMK tagged everyone on the forums to list 6 quirky things or things others might not know about you on your here goes:

1. I love to mix my mashed taters and gravy with my corn before i eat it.

2. I have to have all the washcloths in my cabinet folded the same way or i freak out.

3. I'm double i can put my palm flat on a table and turn my arm in a complete circle. (it's not painful, but i've been told it just looks gross! LOL)

4. My favorite things (other than scrapping of course) are 4-wheeling, camping and fishing!

5. I have all nephews(10 and one on the way), and a son! no nieces or i rarely have any girly pics.

6. I work in the mental health field.

ARGH!! The Pirates Have All Gone Home.............

Well, another successful birthday behind us. The theme this year was Pirates of the Carribean! We had two extra pirates stay with us after school on Friday. Then their ships picked them up after the cake and pinata party on Saturday. A few extra pirates showed up on Saturday to get their chance at the treasure.................i think there was plenty to go around.

So long single digits..........Hello my 10 year old!!! sniff.......sniff......i will not cry! i will not! will not!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Snow days are here again.....................

Finally!! Another snow day! I know some of you are going to read this and say, "She has finally lost her mind! Finally a snow day???"

Yep! I said it! I'm glad there was some snow.......just so i could use a different setting on my camera. He..He...He.......

And of course to snap a few shots of Dalton having a little fun!