Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wild Hogs??

Are living in my house!

No really folks, have you seen this movie?? I laughed until my face hurt. Now that is some goodness.

Speaking of goodness............we finally got some rain!! So that means that the temperature dropped from a blistering 106 to a swealtering 95!! Woohoo!!

Dalton started school this week. He said he wasn't excited, but he got up early and was ready to go before they even opened the schoolhouse doors!! I'm happy to report he got a good teacher this hopefully it will be a smooth ride. After last years track, i'm ready for a new course!!
Which brings me to 4-wheeling. Hubby and Dalton went out to the shed to get the 4-wheeler out this afternoon and as soon as they opened the door...........Hubby got stung. ON THE END OF HIS NOSE!! HUGE red wasp (made a huge red dot).......along with 100 friends.......building the ultimate condo in the rafters!! Apparently the whole pack weren't getting along, because they started a sub-division on the wall............but i digress. Anyways, it took my poor hubby 1/2 hour to get close enough to get the nest(s) down without getting stung again.

I had another layout accepted into the Prima Gallery this week. Stay tuned to as it is all a part of the challenge i am issuing for September! It's gonna rock!

Lot's of fun scrappy things at PubCalls this month. I have gotten a ton o' work done the past couple of weeks for contests and such. Now the waiting begins.............

Good Luck to all in Scrappy Land who are waiting on calls! What do you have on your table right now?
Here's a few pics from this week! Enjoy!


Pat said...

I saw Wild Hogs on my anniversary - great movie!
I've also been in Missouri in the summer when it rains, and honey, 150% humidity is not what you call a cool down! LOL!
Congrats on your second layout being accepted - can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve!

Melissa said...

Yes, great FUN movie...we just rented this weekend! Your poor hubby.....hope no more stings! Love your pics!