Saturday, August 25, 2007

Inquiring minds want to know..............

There are alot of questions running through my mind as of late................
1. Why do children only tell everything they know at a bad time?? rather than when you are alone in the privacy of your own home.

2. Why does everyone say "If you don't enjoy your job, it's not worth working there anymore. " yet they stay for another 20 years..........(yes, i still hate my job, and yes i am still working there. i'm a hypocrite, i know.)

3. Why do Scrapbook store owners hold design team calls and say that they want EVERYONE to submit WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED OR ON A DESIGN TEAM and they want NEW talent.................yet they pick the ones that are on 52 teams and/or work for manufacturers??

4. Why do i set myself up for failure and/or rejection??

5. Why am i having a pity party today?? Because i am bored and there is nothing else to do! LOL


Lucy Chesna said...

I am with you girlie..I dont understand either and I hope someday we can answer them

Pat said...

Pretty crazy out there, isn't it?
I don't get it either!

Anne said...

totally hear ya on number 3 my friend!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!

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