Sunday, February 11, 2007

I've Been TAgged...................

Ok, so Jennifer over at CMK tagged everyone on the forums to list 6 quirky things or things others might not know about you on your here goes:

1. I love to mix my mashed taters and gravy with my corn before i eat it.

2. I have to have all the washcloths in my cabinet folded the same way or i freak out.

3. I'm double i can put my palm flat on a table and turn my arm in a complete circle. (it's not painful, but i've been told it just looks gross! LOL)

4. My favorite things (other than scrapping of course) are 4-wheeling, camping and fishing!

5. I have all nephews(10 and one on the way), and a son! no nieces or i rarely have any girly pics.

6. I work in the mental health field.


Kimberly said...

GREAT list! Love reading these fun quirks and getting to know you more! So fun! xoxo

Jennifer said...

Oh wow!! That is a lot of boys :)

Thanks for playing :)