Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dinner at the Improv????

Ok, so last night we (meaning the whole family herd) took my momma to dinner to celebrate her birthday. Casual dining in a step up from a mom and pop's restaurant.

So right off the bat, the greeter boy (who looks to be around 16) is annoyed that there are eight of us and we need a high chair. I mean come on........there might be hot girls to be seated!

The table he sits us at has 5 chairs...............we ask if we can push another table and chairs up to it and he looks like we have just asked him to land the Apollo 13 space shuttle.

So we move the table and he assigns us a waiter........(who the entire time is giggling). He takes our drink order as the kids are coloring their menus........Jacob (my two year old nephew) asks what the eggs in the nest on his menu are, and i tell him to color them green and then he will have green eggs and ham.

We get our drinks......and everyone finally decides what they are going to eat. Just as the waiter walks up to ask what we would son shoots my husband in the eye with his straw wrapper, and Jacob says very seriously and professional like, "Me will have Green Eggs and Ham!"

It was very eventful and funfilled night had by all! LOL
Momma said she had a really good time!



Yvonne said...

Sounds like you guys had a great dinner. LOL

Pat said...

Too funny - Happy belated to mom!