Sunday, October 05, 2008

Somebody slap me!

Ok, so i know i've been neglecting my blog a bit.........ok, ALOT! I have finally gotten the cobwebs down and shoooed away all the critters..........sprayed the musty smell with Lysol and i think we are back in business! Yep, that should do it!

Didn't realize i haven't posted since May! Alot has happened since then.

My youngest nephew Tyler celebrated his first birthday.

His brother Jacob had his 4th birthday and started preschool!

I got promoted to Scrap DT Coordinator at Memories From The Attic! (thank you Jeri)

My husband took me to Memphis for our 10th anniversary and got us a super luxurious room at the Westin Hotel.........totally spoiled me! ( i will never look at Motel 6 the same way! I don't care if they do leave the light on for ya!) We had a wonderful time visiting Sun Studios, Graceland and exploring Beale Street.

School has started and my 11 year old Dalton has made it to the 6th grade. He officially outgrew everything he owned, and is now wearing 29 x 29 jeans and a size 6 1/2 shoe! Good Grief! I think i might be raising the Jolly Green Giant!

We spent Labor Day in Branson enjoying the sites and visiting with my Father and Mother In Law. The boys played in the pool while Mother in Law and I went shopping!

Now that fall has arrived, the days are cooler and the leaves are changing........Yesterday was our Pumpkin Fest in town. Lots of good food, friends and activities for the whole day. I hope they do it again next year!

And lastly, apparently the surgery i had last fall was not enough. I am scheduled for another on October 15th and i most certainly hope that it is the last.

Take care all and stop by when you can............i'll try and be better about keeping the cobwebs out of the door so you can get in!
I leave you with a little funny............


Kelly said...

so glad to hear from you!!!!!! I am hope to "see" more of you!!!!!

Lucy Chesna said...

I miss you chica..I need to get over to the attic. Its been crazy for me too. Prayers for you on your sugery.

Pat said...

Aaauugghh! What? ...a new post? (picking myself up off the floor)
LOL! Sorry, just had to give you a hard time. Sorry to hear you'll be doing the surgery thing again, dag-nab it! Good luck - hope it all goes well.
Sounds like your life is super busy, congrats on the DT promotion!
..don't be a stranger - take care!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys get to stop by any other Branson attractions while there?