Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wow! I didn't realize it had been 100 years since i posted here! Time really flies when life sucks.....

It's been a busy month as usual. We've totally been spoiling the nephews every chance we get and they are growing too fast. Dalton has grown so much that i am afraid to buy school clothes yet for fear he will look like the Incredible Hulk in them by the time school actually starts!

Hubby had a bout with his gallbladder and was under the weather for the better part of 2 weeks. i think we got it settled down........lets just hope it doesn't wake up again!

We had a huge rain here a week ago today. What fun it was as it flooded our house..............So we will be replacing our flooring and painting as soon as we get enough money together. The insurance company refuses to pay because it was rain/an act of god. On the bright side, i will be excited to paint and see the finished product. I was getting tired of everything being white anyways! LOL

So i will leave you with some pics and scrappy goodness from the past month or so..............enjoy!


Pat said...

Hope you get your flooding issues resolved soon!
Your fireworks pictures are amazing!
(and the cute little boys!)

Anne said...

LOVING the pic of your nephew!!! Can't wait to see the paint!